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Anubis (18″)


Whether you're venturing into the vast Egyptian desert or plotting your next weekend escape, your quest concludes here with our Anubis Beaker. 

This classically designed beaker is your reliable companion, firmly anchoring itself wherever you place it thanks to its extra-thick base. The timeless hieroglyphic graphic pays homage to ancient Egyptian civilization, meticulously crafted using our intricate heat bonding technique. Just like the pyramids, the Anubis beaker's hieroglyphic graphic is built to endure.

Standing tall at 18 inches (45.75 cm), the Anubis Beaker is the perfect size for any smoking adventure. Elevate your collection today by adding the Anubis Beaker and unlock the pinnacle of smoking pleasure!

    Thickness: 9mm Tube with a 12mm Base

    Height: 18 inches / 45.75 cm

    Joint Size: 19mm Female

    Tube Diameter: 50mm

    Downstem Length: 5.75 inches / 14.5 cm

    Included with your purchase is a Anubis beaker bong with colored glass downstem and bowl.

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    A Beaker Made For Adventure

    • Just like a cascading waterfall, the water function of our Anubis Beaker is unparalleled.
    • The fury of a powerful desert storm can't compete with the durability of the Anubis Beaker, boasting a robust 9mm construction and heat-bonded vinyl graphic.
    • Whether you're trekking through the desert or pausing to soak in the sights, the Anubis is your ultimate companion.
    • Featuring an oversized joint, the Anubis Beaker is expertly crafted to deliver the ultimate blend of durability and performance.
    • The included matching amber-colored glass accessories mirror the blazing Egyptian sun.
    • The Anubis's extra-thick, extra-wide base ensures it remains firmly planted on any surface, no matter the adventure.

    Frequently asked question

    Yes, you can customize your bong with various accessories like different bowls, downstems, or percolators to fit your preferences. Ensure any additional accessories are compatible with the joint size of the bong.

    Store the Anubis Beaker Bong in a safe, dry place, preferably in a padded case or a secure shelf, to prevent any accidental damage. Make sure it is clean and dry before storing.

    The extra-thick and extra-wide base provides a solid foundation, making the bong less prone to tipping over and ensuring it remains securely planted on any surface.

    Yes, the Anubis Beaker Bong is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. Its classic beaker design makes it easy to use and maintain, while its sturdy construction ensures durability.