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Shapes (18″)


Embark on an exhilarating smoking adventure with the Shapes traditional style beaker bong. Standing tall at 18 inches, this beaker is the perfect companion for a smooth and satisfying session. Its extra-thick, 15mm base design and striking urban modern graphic blend durability with a bold aesthetic, ensuring a reliable and thrilling experience every time. The beaker shape provides added stability, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor adventures.

Dive into your next smoking session with the confidence that the Shapes beaker bong delivers the best. Its robust construction and stylish design make it the ultimate choice for those seeking both performance and aesthetic appeal in their smoking gear.

Thickness: 9mm Tube w/ 15mm Base

Height: 18 in / 45.75 cm

Joint Size: 19mm Female

Tube Diameter: 50mm

Downstem Length: 5.75 in / 14.5 cm

Included with your purchase is a Shapes beaker bong with colored glass downstem and bowl.

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A Beaker Made For Adventure

  • The crystal-clear urban modern graphic merges art with practicality, giving you a front-row seat to the mesmerizing function of this unforgettable beaker, all while maintaining a sleek, modern look.
  • Crafted with a robust 9mm construction, the Shapes Beaker is built to last, making it the ultimate choice for any adventurous sesh environment.
  • Towering at an impressive 18 inches, the Shapes Beaker is your ideal companion for a smooth and exhilarating smoking session.
  • Set your mind at ease when resting your piece on rugged terrain with the Shapes beaker and its formidable 15mm base construction. The added thickness makes it the perfect companion for any adventure.
  • Fear not about your graphic fading away; the Shapes Heat bonded vinyl graphic ensures it stays vibrant and intact, no matter the journey.
  • The reinforced downstem joint adds extra durability to a crucial part of the beaker, making it resilient for real-world use and ready for any escapade.

Frequently asked question

The graphic is heat-bonded vinyl, ensuring it adheres firmly to the glass and remains vibrant without peeling or fading over time.

Regular cleaning with distilled water and drying with a microfiber cloth can help prevent water spots and maintain the bong’s clarity.

Adding ice to the bong cools the smoke, making for a smoother hit. Ice can be added through the mouthpiece.

The beaker shape provides greater stability, a larger water capacity for better cooling and filtration, and typically offers smoother hits.