A collection of clear glass beaker bongs, each with colorful accents, on moss-covered rocks in front of a cascading waterfall. The bongs come in various colors, including teal, purple, amber, grey, blue, green, and pink, creating a vibrant and dynamic scene against the natural backdrop.

Don't Be Afraid To Take Your Beaker

Beakers Built For Adventure

Whether you're hiking through rugged terrain, cooking a meal at your campsite, or taking a refreshing bong hit by the river, Castle Glassworks beakers are built to endure the demands of any adventure.

A Beaker You Can Rely On

Manufactured With Durability At The Forefront

Castle Glassworks beakers are highly durable due to their premium borosilicate glass construction, which resists thermal shock, scratches, and chemical corrosion. Their thick walls, and uniform strength minimize breakage from impacts and rough handling. Additionally, a stable, wide base prevents tipping and spilling, ensuring reliable use in both inside and on your next adventure.

A glass beaker bong with intricate white etchings of a howling wolf sits on a moss-covered rock beside a gently flowing stream. The bong features a dark-colored downstem and bowl, blending seamlessly with the natural green surroundings. The blurred background of the cascading water highlights the detailed design of the glass piece, creating a harmonious and serene outdoor scene.

Extra Thick Base

The increased thickness provides a sturdy and stable foundation, reducing the risk of tipping over during use. A thicker base is more resistant to cracks and breaks, extending the lifespan of the bong.

Thick Downstem Joint

The increased thickness makes the joint more resistant to breaking or cracking, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Tab-Less Bowl

The simple, robust design of a tabless bowl is generally more durable and far less prone to breaking since there are no fragile tabs to snap off.

Ignite A New Perspective
A vibrant collection of mini dab rigs in various colors—purple, red, blue, and yellow—sits atop rocks in a shallow, reflective water setting. Each rig has the "CASTLE" logo prominently displayed on its neck. The sunlight catches the colorful glass, making them sparkle against the natural backdrop of water, greenery, and stones. The overall scene exudes a lively and refreshing atmosphere, highlighting the beauty and diversity of the glass pieces.
A close-up shot of a clear glass beaker bong with blue accents, focusing on the bowl and downstem. The bong has a frosted blue neck with the "CASTLE" logo in bold black lettering. The background features a weathered, industrial metal surface with rust and paint textures, creating a gritty urban aesthetic. The sunlight highlights the clarity and craftsmanship of the glass, emphasizing the vibrant blue details.

A Style For Everyone

Whether you’re all about a classic logo beaker or you love a full graphic design, we’ve got the perfect style for you!

A trio of glass beaker bongs is displayed against a white background, each featuring unique color accents and the "CASTLE" logo. The first bong on the left has purple accents, including the bowl, downstem, and logo. The middle bong features a frosted pink neck with matching pink accents and the "CASTLE" logo. The third bong on the right showcases black accents with a black bowl, downstem, and the "CASTLE" logo. Each bong stands tall, highlighting its distinct color scheme and sleek design.
I think you guys have nailed the quality. The thick, heavy glass feels nice in the hand, and the colors are appealing.
Honestly the best bong bag I have ever tried. I feel comfortable putting my higher end glass in it because of the durability.


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