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Wolf (16")


Whether you are running with the pack or you are a Lone Wolf, the Wolf Beaker is perfect for you! Featuring a laser-etched graphic that will stand the test of time, this beaker is built for the bold.

The intricate design, etched into vibrant colored glass, expresses elegance and durability, wrapping seamlessly around the tube and base. The matching deep-colored glass bowl ensures a smooth, even burn every time. With its striking colored glass tube and robust, wide base, the Wolf Beaker transforms both group and solo smoking sessions into unforgettable adventures.

Embrace the wild with every hit!

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Thickness: 5mm Tube w/ 15mm Base

Height: 16 in / 40.65 cm

Joint Size: 19mm Female

Tube Diameter: 50mm

Downstem Length: 5.75 in / 14.5 cm

Included with your purchase is a Wolf beaker bong with colored glass downstem and bowl.

A Beaker Made To Last

  • This expertly crafted traditional-style beaker delivers the ultimate smoking experience. The Wolf Beaker seamlessly blends style and functionality, offering you the best of both worlds at the perfect intersection of elegance and performance.

  • Standing tall at 16 inches, this beaker offers a compact design that doesn't compromise on the powerful functionality of a larger beaker. Perfect for those who crave adventure without sacrificing performance!

  • Answer the call of the wild with our Wolf Beaker. With its seamless function and high-quality craftsmanship, every experience is an unforgettable adventure!
  • The fully worked Wolf Beaker showcases exquisite styling achieved through advanced laser engraving techniques.

  • The extra thick extra wide base of the Wolf beaker is a true testament of durability. This Beaker offers a luxurious and rugged experience that's ready for any adventure. With its durable construction, you can take the Wolf anywhere.

  • Whether you're deep in the wilderness or exploring new urban landscapes, the Wolf Beaker is ready to deliver a superior smoking experience, wherever the road takes you.

Frequently asked question

Yes, the Wolf Beaker Bong is designed for easy cleaning. The sturdy glass construction, etched graphic and removable components make it simple to maintain and keep in pristine condition.

Yes, replacement parts for the Wolf Beaker Bong, such as bowls, downstems, and other accessories, are available for purchase on our website. Ensure you select parts that are compatible with your bong.

To enhance the flavor of your smoking sessions, keep your bong clean, use high-quality smoking materials, and consider adding ice to the neck of the bong for a cooler, smoother hit.

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the performance and appearance of your Wolf Beaker Bong. Ideally, you should clean your bong after every few uses to prevent buildup and ensure a consistently smooth smoking experience.

Customer Reviews

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dakota wey
best quality of glass Ive ever owned

I won this at my local dispensary, nuclear lettuce, in a draw. Couldn't be happier.

Brittany Shand

Amazing quality! Could not ask for a better piece