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Ash Catcher – Matrix

Joint Size

Elevate your smoking journey with our Matrix Ash Catcher! Designed to enhance your smoking experience by maintaining a clean bong and delivering smooth hits, this ash catcher is an essential addition for dedicated smokers.

Crafted with a Matrix percolator, constructed from top-quality colored glass, it effectively cools your smoke and filters out undesirable particles. Standing at a height of 6 inches and featuring a 14mm joint size, this ash catcher seamlessly complements any bong. What's more, its user-friendly design ensures hassle-free cleaning, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your smoke. Refuse to settle for a subpar smoking experience – add our Matrix Ash Catcher to your cart today!


  • Height: 6 inches / 15.25 cm
  • Joint Size: 14mm Male
  • Tube Diameter: 48mm
  • Percolator: Matrix
  • Included: One Ash Catcher

Don't compromise on your smoking experience. Secure the Matrix Ash Catcher now and embark on a journey of superior satisfaction!